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Open Position at SOCIB - Observing and Forecasting Systems based in the Balearic Islands

Leader for the Data Center facility

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Please Note : MOON activities have terminated and they are now inserted within the new MONGOOS network. MOON web page is now working as a service for MONGOOS for few months in 2013. 


MOON specific objectives are to:

- consolidate and expand the Mediterranean Sea concerted monitoring and forecasting systems, and ensure full integration to the overall operational oceanography global ocean European capacity
- co-ordinate, improve and harmonise observation and information systems
- increase the quality of, and harmonise user-oriented operational products identify new customers and further develop the market for operational oceanographic products co-operate with UNEP-MAP and other relevant bodies acting at regional level
- improve and further establish services to meet the requirements of environmental and maritime user groups
- encourage Mediterranean scientific research on monitoring/forecasting activities and their link with operational oceanographic services
- facilitate the availability and dissemination of long term high quality data required to advance the scientific understanding of the Mediterranean Sea
- promote the transfer of operational oceanography expertise through training and education

MOON is the coordinating body of the EuroGOOS Mediterranean Task Team and it has developed a MoU between several operational and research agencies.

The MOON Memorandum of Understanding (MOON_MOU) serves to establish the agreement for the further implementation and maintenance of the existing operational monitoring and forecasting network in the Mediterranean Sea.

MOON MoU is an agreement between members that are cooperating to achieve the following goals:
1. consolidate the operational observational/modelling system in the Mediterranean
2. demonstrate the usage of the marine environmental prediction system for integrated management of open ocean and coastal marine areas

MOON MoU is based on the  MOON Science and Strategy plan .

MOON is established with full recognition of the experience by the existing operational and pre-operational systems at national and regional and global scales (MFSTEP, MERCATOR, ADRICOSM, POSEIDON, CYCOFOS, ESEOO,etc). MOON is contributing to planning and implementation of the operational network in the Mediterranean, promoting the development and optimization of the scientific base, the technology and the information system for operational oceanography, promote the GOOS goals at regional level for the benefits of the Mediterranean Countries.

MOON operational partners have set up a governance system built on the Data Exchange Agreement (DEA), the DEA has the aim of harmonising and securing the flow of data within this network in order to deliver regular and systematic products on the state of the Mediterranean Sea and its sub-regional areas.

REMPEC and MOON partners have set up a collaboration agreement to a) utilise the MOON Members’ expertise in the activities which are regularly carried out by REMPEC (e.g. training and assistance in contingency planning); b) collaborate in assisting the Mediterranean coastal states, upon request,  in emergency situations; c) collaborate in the development of projects for the prevention of operational pollution from ships in the Mediterranean region; d) collaborate in the development of the MOON Network with a view to enhancing high resolution meteoceanographic forecasting data in areas of the Mediterranean where at present there is a lack of data; and e) cooperate in the development of oil risk maps for the Mediterranean region. The agreement can be download by clicking here .


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